Some of Our Work

Man Vs. Chihuahua Animation

An animation we created for our YouTube account. Henry goes on his normal morning jog when he is confronted by a ferocious dog-beast. This means trouble, because he has a totally irrational fear of small dogs.

Scientist Invents a New Weapon Animation

The first animation we created for our YouTube account. Scientist Dr. Kelvin reveals a new weapon of war to General Becket and his men. Ben, the assistant, has the honor of demonstrating this new weapon.

Hytch Rewards Commercials

We created a series of commercials for Hytch Rewards. Hytch Rewards works to reduce traffic by paying users to carpool and ride together. We created the animations to demonstrate the benefits of using Hytch Rewards. We also created their unique mascot character for use in designs, animations, and advertising.

Game Development

We are currently in development of a western styled survival game. Currently titled Survive the West, but we are working on a better name as we are expanding it to more than just western terrains.

Check back for new work! Interested in working with us? Let's get in touch.
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