Terms and Conditions

Last updated 7/25/18

Any participant on this site (Pylon Animations) agrees and abides by the rules of Pylon Animations. If an individual chooses not to agree or abide, they may leave and have no further contact with Pylon Animations.

This site (Pylon Animations) and its components are offered for entertainment purposes only; this site shall not be responsible or liable for any information (that is created by Pylon Animations or by its users) that may be offending or misleading. We (Pylon Animations) strive to create agreeable and or neutrally opinionated content, but by using this site a participant agrees to take the content as is.

All content on this site is copyrighted by Pylon Animations, although any material created by users on our site (who agree to abide by our rules), their copyright is held in the respected user's name.


By using this site (Pylon Animations), you agree that we are allowed to store web cookies about your use of this website. No personal information to third-party companies. View more under Privacy.


Prizes for the contest are provided by third-party companies or Pylon Animations to sponsor their product and/or prize. Delivery of prize(s) are either fulfilled by Pylon Animations or the company itself. Pylon Animations and/or the company is not responsible for any damages during shipping. Returns of any prize(s) are not accepted. Product(s) are presented as is.

Contest Submission

Submissions MUST be your own original content. Stealing or plagiarizing is a serious crime and will result in the deletion of your entry.

Be creative with your music and sound effects. If you do decide to use music, music MUST be created by you or royalty free. Failure to use royalty free music will result in the deletion on your entry and/or the muting of your soundtrack due to copyright rules.

By submitting your entry to Pylon Animations, you are giving Pylon Animations permission to host and store your entry on this site and upload with proper credit (being name of creator) to Pylon Animations YouTube account.


Anyone has the right to vote for an entry on this site (one vote per household). Voting accounts for only part of the final decision. Pylon Animations will choose the winner, and all decisions are final.


By using this site you agree to give your real information, failure to do so could mean termination of your account and/or entries. For the contest we only collect your name (first and last), email, birth month and year, and the country. When using our store we securely store provided personal data for internal use only. Contest winners will be required to give their mailing address for the purpose of receiving their prize(s). We take privacy very seriously. No information will be sold to third-parties, nor will private information be publicly displayed. By using this site and entering these contests you agree that the information you filled out may be used in any way within Pylon Animations.


By using this site (Pylon Animations) you agree to follow all stated rules, respect other users, and give Pylon Animations non-exclusive rights to content you post.
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