The July Pylon Collaboration Animation Contest
Jul 01, 2019

July Collaboration Contest

We are super excited to announce that we are doing a collaboration contest this month! Everyone will create their part, and at the end, we will stitch it together into one long animation! The end of your animation will be edited to continue on to the next contestant's animation. All you need to do is create a 10-20 second animation with a paper airplane entering, something happening, and then the plane exiting the scene. Read the full rules below and have fun!

July Contest Rules

The main rule is there needs to be a paper airpane flying in from the middle left, and exit the middle right side of the screen. As shown below in the video, it's your standared paper plane. Anything can happen in the scene. A character can interact with the plane; the plane just has to exit at the end. Have fun!

  • Paper plane must enter center left, and exit center right.
  • Entry must be at least 1280px x 720px, but optimum is 1920px x 1080px
  • Your entry must be at least 10 seconds and no more than 20 seconds
  • You may use any animation style (3D, 2D, stopmotion, etc)
  • You may use any software or equipment
  • Must be your own original work!
  • Any assets used must be created by yourself or be royalty free
  • No music please, but sound effects are wanted
  • Must NOT be video-game related
  • You may NOT submit a previous animation; it must be new and created for this contest
  • You may NOT include adult, suggestive, or offensive content
  • Make sure you read these rules and the Terms & Conditions

July Contest Awards

Most, if not all, of the entries will be edited into a giant sequence of animation on our YouTube channel! The top 3 winners will still receive a complimentary limited edition T-Shirt created specifically for this contest! In addition, the top 3 winners will receive a portion of that month's T-Shirt sales. The first place winner receives $2 per shirt sold, and the second and third place winners each receive $1 per shirt sold! There is no limit to how many shirts can be sold, just the time limit. (Shirts can only be bought during this specified period of time.)

Buy the shirt!

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Sam Long @Qwest449 months ago
Hello @Abraham! I certainly hope to join this collaboration contest this time (as I wasn't able to join the one hosted back in January 2018). Aside from being an animator, I am also a digital musician. I use LMMS to create my music tracks. I am wondering if you'd like a musician to create custom music for this collab.
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OWNERAbraham Mast@abraham9 months ago
@Qwest44 That sounds like a great idea! I plan on using existing music so there won't be any delay, but email me a demo/reel and maybe we could collab on the music!
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