The January Pylon Animation Contest
Jan 01, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! We want to thank everyone who participated this year. We had so many great entriess! There are some plans in the works and we are excited to start rolling some out right away! (Please read the updated rules carefully.)

January Contest Theme

This month's theme is "minor inconveniences." What are some tiny things in your everyday life that shouldn't bother you, but do? Do you wish people would just close their mouth when they chew? Does traffic congestion drive you mad? Do you wish you could get back at the dog that leaves "presents" on your yard? Or when it rains and you forgot your umbrella? Create your hilarious animation with this month's theme PLUS this month's secret ingredient, then enter!

January Secret Ingredient

Every month we will have a new secret ingredient that is required to be included in your entry. This month we have a specific color. How should you use this color? It's up to you! It doesn't need to be prominent, but don't let it be so subtle that it gets lost.

January Contest Awards

The top 3 winning entries will be uploaded to our YouTube account. And the top 3 winners will receive a complimentary limited edition T-Shirt created specifically for this contest! In addition, the top 3 winners will receive a portion of that month's T-Shirt sales. The first place winner receives $2 per shirt sold, and the second and third place winners each receive $1 per shirt sold! There is no limit to how many shirts can be sold, just the time limit. (Shirts can only be bought during this specified period of time.)

Buy the shirt!

January Contest Rules

  • Must be related to this month's theme: minor inconveniences
  • Entry must be at least 1280 x 720 (reconmended is 1920 x 1080)
  • You may use any software or equipment
  • Your entry must be at least 10 seconds and no more than 20 seconds
  • You may use any animation style (3D, 2D, stopmotion, etc)
  • Must be your own original work!
  • Any assets (including music) used must be created by yourself or be royalty free
  • Must NOT be video-game related
  • You may NOT submit a previous animation; it must be new and created for this contest
  • You may NOT include adult, suggestive, or offensive content
  • You may NOT steal other work or animations
  • Make sure you read these rules and the Terms & Conditions

Enter The Contest!


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Sam Long @Qwest443 months ago
@rockycat67 Hey, great animation! You'll most likely earn one of the three places in the contest! :D
reply ↴
Annie Bearden @rockycat63 months ago
@Qwest44 Really? That’s great to hear! I can wait to see all the submissions:) It’s a really fun contest, so thank you for hosting it:)
reply ↴
Sam Long @Qwest443 months ago
@rockycat6 Oh! No, I'm just an animator like you are, providing my compliment because your style is really good. I'm not the host of the contest. The real host is @abraham. Just to prevent a misunderstanding. :)
reply ↴
OWNERAbraham Mast@abraham3 months ago
@Qwest44 @rockycat6 No worries Sam :) Glad you are enjoying the contest Annie!
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Julia Samborski @inkypye3 months ago
@rockycat67Hi! I just wanted to tell you that your animation looks really good! It looks like it belongs in a college kid's student film! It's really good!
reply ↴
Annie Bearden @rockycat63 months ago
@inkypye Oh wow! Thank you so much! :) I wasn’t sure if it sent, but now I can see that it did:) Thank you for the compliment!
reply ↴

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