The October Pylon Animation Contest Winners!
Oct 31, 2018

Congratulations to Arnat Chintanont for winning first place, Piyatad Wankijcharoen second, and Teerachot Kavinkame third! Everyone did an amazing job! We had so many entries, it was hard to pick the winners!

Watch Finalists!

Below is the list of the top finalists:

First Place — Arnat Chintanont (Age 19, Thailand )

Great animation style. Well done characters as well as environment. Good job!

Arnat won first place and will receive $2 per T-Shirt sold, along with this month's T-Shirt!

Second Place — Piyatad Wankijcharoen (Age 18, Thailand)

Great animation, story, and sound design! Well done!

Piyatad won second place and will receive $1 per T-Shirt sold, along with this month's T-Shirt!

Third Place — Teerachot Kavinkame (Age 18, Thailand)

Hilarious plot twist. Great rotoscope animation too! Would of been great if the arm was animated in some parts too. Great animation nonetheless!

Teerachot won third place and will receive $1 per T-Shirt sold, along with this month's T-Shirt!

Fourth Place — Annie Bearden (Age 17, USA)

Very cute animation. Great music too! Well done!

Fifth Place — Darking Rochi (Age 20, Thailand)

Great animation and character style. Unforeseen plot twist! Good job!

Sixth place — Murat Sari (Age 27, USA)

Interesting take on the theme. Good job!

Seventh Place — Charasrawee Watanachote (Age 18, Thailand)

Great animation style and story. Well done!

Eighth Place — Sirawit Siriphum (Age 21, Thailand)

Great job on the claymation! Would of been ever better if the camera was firmly mounted. Well done though!

Ninth Place — Akash Guru (Age 31, India)

Very unique take on the theme. Good job!

Tenth Place — Supitchaya Thamsaengchote (Age 18, Thailand)

Great take on the theme. Also funny nod to Indiana Jones. Good Job!

Runners Up

Pitchayut Prunsiri (Age 18, Thailand)
Jirayu Thongnooket (Age 20, Thailand)
Visarut Janpoon (Age 18, Thailand)
Wiriyapab Sripha (Age 22, Thailand)
Natapan Boonmasiri (Age 22, Thailand)
Deegar Piewluang (Age 21, Thailand)
Nonthiya Kanthiya (Age 18, Thailand)
Suparp Youngmak (Age 18, Thailand)
Kitsanapong Arunjindatrakul (Age 18, Thailand)
Nisanart Maneecharoenwong (Age 18, Thailand)
Minh Nguyen (Age 13, USA)
Supagun Petkhong (Age 18, Thailand)
Juan Chavez (Age 20, Mexico)
Isawas Sirimekwong (Age 19, Thailand)
Siraprapa Chaimuangchuen (Age 18, Thailand)
Nattaon Chareonyod (Age 18, Thailand)
Nannapat Kuwalairat (Age 18, Thailand)
Tawan Saengkrajui (Age 19, Thailand)
Kornkanok Rittawirun (Age 18, Thailand)
Sasi Ullapatorn (Age 18)
Pornnipa Siritakham (Age 18, Thailand)
Manutsawan Supiyapanit (Age 18, Thailand)
Pattrawarin Jindapornpun (Age 18, Thailand)
Nattarat Anantanatorn (Age 20, Thailand)
Pornchanan Luthaipiamsook (Age 29, Thailand)
Yosita Sittimalayrut (Age 20, Thailand)
Trontrun Thumwanit (Age 23, Thailand)
Ongsa Mahapotikul (Age 18, Thailand)
Siwakorn Srikhammoum (Age 19, Thailand)
Suvichaya Touranachun (Age 18)
Kanitha Skr (Age 18, Thailand)
Krirkvit Saravit (Age 24, Thailand)
Nathakron Taraparavati (Age 19, Thailand)
Natascha Meuer (Age 21, Thailand)
Natdanai Khoosrisakoon (Age 18, Thailand)
Chaianant Kerdwan (Age 18, Thailand)
Panukorn Buadee (Age 18, Thailand)
Wasita Vongsirinavaratana (Age 20, Thailand)
Pawanrat Saitangjai (Age 20)
Mintra Sangsiri (Age 18, Thailand)
Ratchanon Sriprom (Age 19, Thailand)
Areeya Srihapol (Age 18, Thailand)
Waramet Luethmukda (Age 18, Ransit)
Nonlapan Sritubtim (Age 19, Thailand)
Yanisa Hinsheranan (Age 19, Thailand)
Variya Uayphornrat (Age 18, Thailand)
Phanupol Neawnan (Age 25, Thailand)
Thitikarn Wongrueangmas (Age 18, Thailand)
Supawan Thongsri (Age 19, Thailand)
Siriyakorn Imum (Age 18, Thailand)
Praidow Kaewkomin (Age 18, Thailand)
Rachavadee Sangarun (Age 22, Thailand)
Papawee Gomard (Age 18, Thailand)
Pornnapa Phankluay (Age 21, Thailand)
Pinyapat Pisanvarapong (Age 22, Thailand)
Primluck Wittayanukorn (Age 18, Thailand)
Nattakorn Boonsawat (Age 18, Thailand)
Pimsiri Ponsap (Age 38, Thailand)
Khanatatch Raksachart (Age 18, Thailand)
Nattha Kanyamee (Age 19, Thailand)
Kamonchanok Limtrakul (Age 18, Thailand)
Weerapat Tae (Age 19, Thailand)
Akcarawish Jongwattana (Age 19, Thailand)
Sittipak Rodsiri (Age 18, Thailand)
Worapat Rung-in (Age 18, Thailand)
Keetapat Miyazaki (Age 18, Thailand)
Patinya Thongvichit (Age 19, Thailand)
Natkamol Rojanabenjakun (Age 19, Thailand)
Nitichai Kaveevujirachote (Age 19)
Jakkrit Chusilkitjareon (Age 18, Thailand)
Rasika Chamroennao (Age 18, Thailand)
Daniel Fair (Age 33, UK)
Fakfun Aim-odt (Age 19, Thailand)
Jiratchot Keawkamta (Age 18, Thailand)
Kwanchanok Krangkriworakool (Age 19, Thailand)
Kittikan Noiphlee (Age 19, Buriram-Thailand)
Supisara Dumnernpol (Age 19)
Poonsak Pansangpech (Age 19, Thailand)
Purichaya Prasert (Age 19, Thailand)
Noppasit Aungarpakul (Age 18, Thailand)
Pantila Prisuwan (Age 19, Thailand)
Natnaree Thiboon (Age 18, Thailand)
Sinuon Sann (Age 20, Thailand)
Akekapop Promstit (Age 22, Thailand)
Kaew Chonthicha (Age 18, Thailand)
Chatchapol Banluthangtham (Age 20, Thailand)
Supanath Chamchamrus (Age 20, Thailand)

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