The January Pylon Animation Contest
Jan 01, 2018

January - First Pylon Collaboration Contest

We are excited to announce our very first collaboration contest! So how will this be done? Pylon will create the first and last part of the animation and you will create the middle. Here's what you need to create your part:

Download the tire model and find the appropriate rig file. If none of the rigs work with your program, you can create it with the .obj along with the texture files in the extra folder. If you want to create a 2D animation, use the still image in the extra folder as reference.

Your animation must be at least 5 seconds and no longer than 20 seconds. The start and finish of your animation needs to have the rolling tire in the middle of the screen. The overall pace needs to be pretty fast; the tire needs to roll through each scene from left to right. Do NOT use any music, but please use sound effects. We will overlay music over the whole collaborated video.


Anything can happen to the tire in your animation (as long as it follows the rules). Feel free to add characters and other things that interact with the tire. The more the tire moves around (with accurate movements) the more awesome the final result will be! As a rule of thumb, the tire is about 2.5 feet tall (0.83 yards) and is pretty heavy (~40 pounds).

One of the most important parts is what happens at the end of your animation. The tire should be moving fairly fast, in a steady movement forward, with the camera following it in the center of the screen AND something passing the camera. Why is that? When we combine all the animations we will blend the scenes at the end with the thing that passes in front of it. Imagine a “cross-fade” with the object in front leading it. Note the lamp post passing in the example below.

Depending on how many entries we get we may put 10-30 animations together! The best animator will still get the $100 prize and the top three animators will still get their 3D printed trophies.

Contest Rules for January

  • You may use any software or equipment
  • Your entry must be at least 5 seconds and no more than 20 seconds
  • Tire must be centered at the start and end of the animation
  • Object must pass in front of the camera at the end
  • Must be at least 1280x720px or higher. (1920x1080px is the preferred)
  • You may use any animation style (3D, 2D, stopmotion, etc)
  • Do NOT use any music, but please use sound effects
  • Must not be video-game related
  • Must be your own original work!
  • You may NOT submit a previous animation; it must be new and created for this contest
  • You may NOT include adult, suggestive, or offensive content
  • No over-the-top blood or violence (fight scenes are allowed, if appropriate)
  • You may NOT steal other work or animations
  • Any animation rigs must be created by yourself or be royalty free
  • Make sure you read the rules and the Terms & Conditions

Create an animation according to the theme and rules above and upload! Then tell your friends and family to vote for your entry! Questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment.

Enter The Contest!


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Dan Long @TheBlenderBender9 months ago
Totally excited. Should the animation end when the tire is past the object, or directly behind it? Or when the object passes the camera?
reply ↴
OWNERAbraham Mast@abraham9 months ago
@TheBlenderBender Tire behind it. The example video above will explain :)
reply ↴
Sam Long @Qwest449 months ago
This looks really awesome! Can 2D animators draw their own tires? I might join this one.
reply ↴
OWNERAbraham Mast@abraham9 months ago
@Qwest44 Yes you may! The tire rig folder has a reference image
reply ↴

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