What We Do

Pylon Animations is a small team of animators, programmers, and designers located in the greater Nashville area. We have served clients and hosted a monthly animation contest for several years. Combined we offer a multitude of services, such as animation, graphic design, web design, branding, programming, and commercial creation.

Pylon Animation Contests are launched on the first of each month. At that moment, a timer starts counting down to the 27th, which means animators have 27 days to create their animation and upload it. The top 10 winners are announced the last day of that same month and the top 3 contestants win a portion of that month's contest t-shirt sales! The next month's contest begins the day after the winners are announced. We know deadlines are tough, but in the end, they actually help push and get things done. Each animation contest challenges animators to put their skills to the test. Hey, maybe they will win something too!

Whenever we aren't working on client projects, we enjoy developing our own animations and other creations. Currently one of our bigger creations is a game. More info on that soon! Creating our own environment and being able to tell any story we want, whether it be a game, animation, commercial, or graphic design, is something we enjoy. Pylon Animations has a YouTube channel where we upload some of our animations along with contest winners.

Interested in working with us? Let's get in touch.

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