Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the contest?

Every month we host a new contest! Read the month's rules create an animation according to that theme, and then upload!

How do I export my entry as a .mp4?

Most programs have a .mp4 export option, shown here. But if your program does not have a .mp4 export option, you can export it (.mov or .avi for example) then convert it to a .mp4

Is it free to enter the animation contest?

Yes! No entry fees! Sponsors pay for the contest prizes!

What do the winners get in the animation contest?

The top ten winners are annouced and permanently shown on our blog and our YouTube account. The top three winners recive a 3D-printed Pylon Animations trophy plus that month's prize!

What programs do I have to use in the contest?

Whatever program works for you! No required program. Your entry can even be stopmotion, any animation medium is encouraged!

What is not allowed in the animation contest?

You can read the month's rules here. But most of the time you may NOT include: highly graphic content, inappropriate/suggestive content, mass amounts of blood, nor strong strong language. You may use any royality free rigs (it is encouraged to use your own) and royality free (or your own) music. Again, please read the full rules.

Can I join Pylon Animations?

We are currently not accepting people into Pylon Animations, but you can always enter our contest and we will be able to see your tallent! And perhaps someday hire you!

Can I change my account username?

You may change your name, email, password, username, etc over in your dashboard.

Still have questions? Contact us!
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